Faculty Of Transportation Engineering
Building C5, 268 Ly Thuong Kiet St., Dist. 10, HCMC
Tel. of the university:
Fax: (84-8)-8.653.823
Phone: (84-8)-8.653.508

To build new research laboratories with modern equipments serving research and training activities earns a special attention of the Faculty. Despite of its short history, the Faculty of Transportation Engineering has rapidly completed its facilities, equipments needed for research and training activities. The Laboratory of Internal Combustion Engine, with modern equipments of AVL Company (Australia) started in 2004. This laboratory permits to realize the complex studies on internal engines and automobiles. The Aeronautical Engineering Laboratory has profited from ENSMA, a French university, some costly equipments, that offers the possibility to perform several fundamental researches in aerodynamics field.

The Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering Laboratory has been recently approved a budget of 7 billions VND to equip modern equipments.
Automotive Engineering Department
1. Practicing Area

2.Electric-Electronic Lab

3. Fuel-Oil Lab


Naval Architechture & Marine Engineering Department
  • NAAME Lab (under construction)
  • Design Lab: AutoShip, MaxSurf, Ship-Constructor, BKShip, NaameTorsion,...
  • Towing Tank (coming soon).
  • Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering Laboratory
  • Aeronautical Engineering Department
    Aeronautical Engineering Laboratory with:
  • 2 opened-circuit wind tunnels .
  • 1 closed-circuit wind tunnel .
  • 1 Laser Doppler velocimeter .
  • 2 Ultralight kite-planes .
  • 4 model airplanes .
  • 1 old aircraft turbo-fan engine
  • Aeronautical Engineering Laboratory
  • VNU-HCM's Key Lab
    » Engine Testcell
    » Single Cylinder Research Engine
    » Chassis Dynamometer
    » Brake Tester
    » Computer Room

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