Faculty Of Transportation Engineering
Building C5, 268 Ly Thuong Kiet St., Dist. 10, HCMC
Tel. of the university:
Fax: (84-8)-8.653.823
Phone: (84-8)-8.653.508

Simulation Research Office
To perform the importance part in teaching and researching in Transportation engineering: the simulation, as well as to apply IT in these field.

1- Theory and algorithm
2- Programming and simulation
3- Establishing the interfaces between computer and hardware
4- Numerical computing in mechanics of continuum

The works has been and are developing include: 

1- Theory computing
- Solve governing equations of 6-degree-of-freedom objects;
- Computing aerodynamic forces and hydrodynamic forces act on airplane or hydrofoil;
- Propeller-design;
- Simulating flows.

2- Graphical modeling
- Draw and display from different viewpoints;
- Terrain modeling: road, river, sea;
- Weather modeling: rain, cloud, snow;
- Cockpit modeling: display devices of control parameters

3- Contacting with peripheral devices
- Contacting with control device
- Contacting with display device
- Contacting with mechanism of movement of simulator

1- Simulation program for airplane;
2- Cockpit simulation for airplane;
3- Simulation program for the movement of automobile and ship;
4- Cockpit simulation for automobile and ship;
5- Simulation of continuity medium: solid or fluid;
6- Teaching all subjects about simulation.

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